What we do?

AUDIT4MAIL creates value from a data every company has: emails.

A company receives thousands of mails each year, and only answers, stocks, saves and eventually deletes them. Nothing really useful, right?

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You are:

audit4mail sales


Generate leads, master and secure your sale process, engage with decision makers and smartly sell with AUDIT4MAIL



audit4mail gives you easy access to all the information you need to troubleshoot email issues and respond faster to user request

Audit4mail manager

Sales Manager

Easily manage your team everyday with AUDIT4MAIL’s Dashboard and adapt your sales strategy in real time.

Map all your relationships through your email stream with AUDIT4MAIL, a Messaging Intelligence analytic tool to effectively use Big Data in your company.

AUDIT4MAIL provides companies with helpful data to be more efficient and accurate in their everyday business.

Solution benefits:

  • Map all your company’s relationships
  • Provide information for decision making
  • Enhance competitive advantages
  • Create business value
  • Improve email processing
  • Detect fraud
  • Enhance information quality
  • Zero information missed
  • Make email your biggest asset


  • Charts and reporting
  • Global overview
  • Team scoring
  • Advanced search options
  • Time line feeds
  • Activity monitoring
  • Respect privacy policy
  • API

Messaging Intelligence

Email is an essential tool in today’s corporate environment and remains the most dominant communication tool despite the proliferation of new social technologies.


Emails are more than simple messages. Accurately analyzing email relationships yields critical information regarding your business processes and organization.

How Messaging Intelligence improves your productivity ?

  • Emails 63%
  • Instant Messaging 10%
  • Enterprise Social Network 20%
  • Other Collaborative Platforms 7%

Daily volume of Electronic Communication in a corporate environment

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