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Make email your biggest asset

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Maximize the wealth of information in your email system


Not so long ago, your mail system was solely used to send and receive information. Today you use your mailbox as a reservoir of information to control your business operations and decision-making.

Reduce your sales cycle and gain time looking for information on lead, contact or supplier.

You already have the information inside your company!

Capture email information and create business value


By drawing into the daily exchange of email information, your organization is able to generate strategic value to anticipate the decisions of your activities.

Smartly use your email exchanges to understand the behavior of your market, be closer to your data to predict and anticipate your next move.

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Concentrate your effort on your core business


Time lost on looking for answers has a significant impact on productivity – and therefore represents a cost to your business.AUDIT4MAIL is designed so you can analyze the information collected from several angles.

Enhance your productivity with a scoring of your performance. From a single click see all the accounts you have been intereacting with…or not.

” Information contained in email messages is notoriously difficult to find. If 50 people in an organization waste just 15 minutes each – each day- looking for information at an average salary of $60 000, then that organization wastes one and a half person-years and $93 750 per annum. Email management strategies can help to control information and minimize this waste”


A full record of your company’s interactions


Quickly follow up your clients with a timeline of your intereactions. See your relationship in a whole ne way and adapte yourself to your client’s need.

With AUDIT4MAIL you have an entire record of your internal and external relationships.

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Access your email information anytime, anywhere and from any device


Mobility is important, and we understand it. Access your information anywhere with a responsive web application.

Remotly accessable, you can use your personal or business equipment (computer, tablet or smartphone) without losing data.

No matter the time-zone or the location, your email information is always accessible online in real time.