AUDIT4MAIL, Messaging Intelligence.

AUDIT4MAIL is a Big Data tool to improve the Sales Intelligence within your company.

Companies receive and send thousands of emails every day. A significant volume of highly important operational and strategic information traffic through the different servers on a daily basis.

Analyzing the content and statistics of these emails is an added value for the company.
Understanding internal and external email exchanges requires a deep analysis of each interaction, one by one and all of them together as a unit.

AUDIT4MAIL automatically captures all the hidden information from your company, process them and displays them through insightful views and reports.

Benefits of the solution AUDIT4MAIL

Map all your company’s relationships
Provide information for decision-making
Create Business value
Enhance competitive advantages
Improve email processing
Detect fraud
Enhance information quality
Zero information missed
Make email your biggest asset


Team scoring
Time line feeds
Global overview
Advanced search options
Activity monitoring
Respect privacy policy