Ransomware: how to know where it was sent in your company!


It’s the ransomware trend, but what is it?

The Ransomware is a malicious software that hijacks your data. To do so, the ransomware encrypts the data and then asks the owner to send money in exchange for the key that will allow you to decrypt your files.

Your users receive an email. They download the attachment (ZIP) out of habit, no question asked. And then, everything goes downhill. Here you are with encrypted files everywhere and you do not know who is the origin of the infection! With AUDIT4MAIL you can find out who was targeted in your company.

spam ransomware


With AUDIT4MAIL you can easily see who received the ransomware, and immediately block the concerned workstations.

A simple search and all the affected people are directly displayed.



spam ransomware


Eventually you can view the details of the email, to find out a little more.


spam ransomware

AUDIT4MAIL is a daily messaging server monitoring tool. It is a real support for the Helpdesk with different visualizations of your messaging infrastructure.

Easily view:

  • Evolution of the email’s server volumetry (number, size, attachments, …).
  • Anticipation of the servers / network bottlenecks.
  • Collect metrics before changing the messaging system.
  • Volumetric evolution by email users.
  • Detection of Internal spammers.
  • Measure the adoption of new communication tools (chat, CSR, document sharing).
  • Measuring the distribution of the devices used. On premise client, web email, smartphone.
  • Improved customer service, helpdesk.
  • Billing of the internal email service.

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