Some use Cases

Accurately calculate the costs associated  to email volume and infrastructure per department

In order to provide accurate monthly reports, the costs associated  to email volume and infrastructure must be accurate for each department.

How do you do this?

Goal: provide accurate email expenses figures for each department of the company

Use audit4mail to  get reliable and accurate figures faster!

audit4mail provides the volume and the number of emails and attachments per department. The data is displayed by year and month.

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Evaluate the effectiveness of your enterprise’s social network at reducing the volume of email and attachments. 

The project of implementing an enterprise social network requires a big investment. However if the network is not used effectively, there is no added value for the company. The  volume of emails sent and received within the company should be reduced after the implementation of the new enterprise social network.

Goal: provide data confirming the reduction of email volume by the newly implemented social network

Use audit4mail for relevant statistics!

audit4mail gives you the volume of all attachments sent & received for a specific month and year.  The statistics of the last three months are also available for reporting.

Go way further with audit4mail!

Since the users of your social network will be limited to employees within the company, use audit4mail to get the statistics related to emails sent and received internally by user.

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Validate email delivery to a specific recipient 

Do you need to confirm the delivery of an email to specific recipients, including recipients of a Bcc message?

Bcc is a copy of an email message sent to a recipient whose email address does not appear in the header lines.

Goal: confirm the delivery of an email to specific recipients, including recipients in Bcc messages.

audit4mail confirms this in just a few clicks

audit4mail displays any  email document with all the necessary details: recipients, subject, name of attachments, date, mailID

All the recipients including the recipients in Bcc email message are clearly mentioned in this document.

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 Control your server as it is being decommissioned

Are you currently decommissioning or migrating to a new mail server?

Migrating or decommissioning the messaging server is a huge project for any company.

Goal: guarantee the old servers are truly offline and no longer being used

audit4mail makes this easy.

Use the charts offered by audit4mail to track the volume of email sent and received by the email servers in the process of being decommissioned.

audit4mail also helps you to check the setting of your agents (in our case an agent is an email sent by an application) and makes sure they are only using the new messaging server.

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