In Practice

A tool adapted to everybodies needs

AUDIT4MAIL is an essential tool, it provides companies and users indicators to be more effective and relevant in their daily activities.

It provides support to various company departments: sales, CIO, HR and management; while respecting privacy policy.

AUDIT4MAIL’s dashboard is easy to use with intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface. This allows you an immediate ease of use and a quick integration with your teams.

Follow all your projects evrywhere and access all your information through the various KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of your personal dashboard.

sales manager in practice

For Sales Managers


Team management


As a manager every day you are in charge of the sales performance of your team but also of each team member.

In order to have an efficient service, individually and as a whole, AUDIT4MAIL analyze and displays statistics of your team’s email performance:

  • A scoring of each sales rep in your team
  • An email interactions map
  • A customer account tracking
  • A history for each customer assigned
  • Account attribution

Being a manager also means having a good team every day, but also in time. AUDIT4MAIL allows you to assess your team and help them evolve:

  • Create a team by watching the interaction in between your co workers
  • A promotional tool
  • A HR follow up
  • Project Management


You lead the boat and guide your sales reps to new horizons. Today with AUDIT4MAIL you can also study your sales strategy and adapt.

A colleague makes sales in 3 exchanges when others do in 6 … it’s time to revisit the communication strategy and apply it to the whole team.

With AUDIT4MAIL quickly visualize if a contract has been sent / received. With this tool goodbye bad faith!


Salesperson in practice

For Salespeople


As the creator of income for your company, your daily challenge is to convert your leads into future customers. Investigator of new opportunities and manager of your existing customers, you are a pillar for your company.

Your workload should be facilitated for a fluidity of your daily actions. With AUDIT4MAIL, easily manage all of your email process: your follow ups, your project management and your document mailing. But also your prospection, your personal strategy and your client’s accounts.

  • Within your business easily find links between incoming leads and your co-workers
  • with your personalized dashboard, shorten your sales cycle by using the company’s connections
  • Identify key people with a suitable scoring for a quick sale back
  • Anticipate your sales boost with your new analytical tool

AUDIT4MAIL walks you in your new collaborative sales process. By relying on the human network of your company, increase your sales cycle and wisely manage your clients.


image administrator in practice

For Administrators


As the guarantor of the email system your duty is to ensure that the whole system is working properly as defined in your network architecture, and anticipate any complications.

You are focused on:

  • Network architecture to optimize email routing
  • Email volume to improve email processing
  • Email flow to anticipate and troubleshoot email routing issues
  • Validating email flow triggered by agents
  • Identifying inactive mailing lists
  • Servers in the process of being decommissioned


audit4mail provides all the mail related information and statistics you need to accomplish this.


image Helpdesk in practice

For Helpdesk


As an underappreciated savior, you help users with their mailing issues on a daily basis.

Your challenge is to be fast and efficient at troubleshooting mailing issues so they don’t impede operations.


audit4mail gives you easy access to the information you need to troubleshoot email issues and respond faster to user requests